We had our Tissue Repair Away Day this month, where we all presented our work to the other students of our programme and the PIs. I was perhaps overly nervous, as it felt like announcing myself to the world like some sort of debutante ball. Much like a debutante, I suppose, I’m sponsored by an established member of the society who’s there to support me (my supervisor!) but there was no curtseying, only challenging questions! Think it went okay but I need more practice.


This was the first of its kind for our programme and I hope it continues. It was really interesting to see everyone’s work, especially the third years who have so much to talk about! They were first up, then the second years, then us, (we were a little, er, data-light in comparison) but it was a good way of practising and thinking carefully about how to talk clearly about our projects. The social activity on how to give a presentation seemed a bit mis-timed AFTER giving presentations but the meal with an included drink was perfectly timed…

Tissue Repairers walking to the venue, Newbattle Abbey

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