noun. Finished work, as in loosed from harness (apparently!)

The end of our second rotations means a second report and presentation. It’s good to force yourself to sit down and analyse what you have (or in my case, what I don’t have!) and try to turn it into a coherent story. I figured out the gaps in my project and have had time to fill some of them in. 

Our whole cohort presented in the big seminar room, more intimidating than the first presentation to about 10 people… a couple of days previously I’d done a public speaking workshop that happened to be in the same room to try and gear up for it! I was probably less nervous this time in the end so I guess practice really does help.

The end of rotations also means the end of our discussion club! I’ll miss our Tuesday sessions, the papers were ususally a different field which could be challenging but was a chance to hear about something new. I celebrated the final session with baking as I tend to do, it was one of the other students birthday and so he recieved his favourite snack… cheese twists. See how happy we are here. 

Next we put together our proposals for the PhD and finalise our main project… exciting!


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