Four things I’ve learnt (lairnt) during my first miniproject on the programme…
1. An incalculable amount about the MS brain! Not having done much neuroscience in my undergraduate degree, my first mini project with Anna Williams and Charles ffrench-Constant was a fantastic opportunity to gain some knowledge in an area I’ve always had an interest in but never had the chance to fully explore. For the first week or so it was all a bit baffling but I’m much more familiar with the terminology now. It’s been a steep learning curve so I’m grateful for the support from everyone there.

2. Sharing your data is so crucial. The talks, lab meetings and seminars that I’ve attended have shown me that it is vital to get your work talked about. Not only does it set you deadlines (lab meeting Monday, gotta shine up some data!) but the feedback from others can really influence the way you think and progress with the next steps.

3. Academics are not just clever, they work really hard.
Obviously the people I’ve been working with are smart, trained and specialised but they all put in a huge amount of effort to produce quality research. I think it comes from the passion they have for their projects and the ownership they have over them.

4. My ceilidh skills could do with some polishing… but my karaoke is on point.
A couple of nights out with the Tissue Repair students and the wider SCRM group have shown me that I’m not up to Scottish standards with my dancing… but my rendition of Shakira went down a treat (not really, can’t sing at all…)


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