Scots, Noun

  1. The act of moving house.
  2. The things moved when moving house.

September 2016

The next fortnight will be a busy one. It will see me finish up my job, pack up my home, move to Edinburgh and start my PhD. The Wellcome Trust Tissue Repair programme that I’m just about to start has asked me to be the official student blogger for this cohort and I’ll be documenting the journey as I go… starting now!

Me ready to do some science

I’m Sophie, I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of York, with a year in industry at AstraZeneca. After graduating I joined a British Council programme where my partner and I taught science in a school in Tamil Nadu, South India for a few months. We picked up some Tamil, lots of skills and a street puppy which we brought back to the UK! For the past six months I’ve returned to AstraZeneca, getting back into the swing of lab life before my PhD.


While I’m sure Manohar will make an occasional appearence here, I’ll talk about my life as a PhD student on the programme, including my research and my personal experiences. I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the fantastic Tissue Repair programme course that offers the option of working at five leading institutes in the area. The opportunity for collaboration and learning from the range of experienced researchers is what got me excited about the course when applying for it.

I’m particularly keen to hear about the 3-month mini projects that we carry out that will get us up and running. I’m also looking forward to meeting the other students on the programme as I’m sure we’ll have a lot in common. As the date of induction week slowly approaches, the reality is rapidly crystallising and, frankly, my to do list grows increasingly longer. The anticipation is tinged with anxiety as I frantically try to secure any accomodation (landlords don’t like pets!) but get excited about learning more about the area of research I’m passionate about and actually working towards my PhD.